What is CD1?


CD1 is located in northeastern California.  It covers all or part of eleven counties.  The incumbent Congressman is Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale).
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What issues affect CD1’s North State residents?


With lower incomes, more seniors and more veterans than the state averages, CD1 needs active representation in Congress. Doug LaMalfa has failed to provide it.
District Issues


Learn about upcoming events and deadlines related to the primary and general elections.


Our event calendar has upcoming candidate appearances, local meetings, town halls and deadlines for registering to vote.


Doug LaMalfa received 85% of his contributions in the last election from outside our district, mostly from lobbyists. Money talks. LaMalfa listens. Fight back with your contribution.


The Alliance uses contributed money to provide hundreds of volunteers with materials needed to register and inform voters and to get out the vote.  Please contribute today.

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What is the Alliance?

The CD1 Alliance is a volunteer grassroots organization dedicated to bringing northern Californians effective and responsive representation throughout California’s First Congressional District.  The volunteers of the Alliance seek to improve the district’s distressed economy, fairly represent all of its residents, and protect its rural environment for current and future generations.

Issues Research

Issues Research

Alliance volunteers are researching which issues matter to residents of CD1, analyzing what LaMalfa has done or not done about those issues, and informing voters of the facts.

Voter Engagement

Voter Engagement

The Alliance is training CD1 residents to knock on their neighbors’ doors to talk about issues that affect our District, and to register eligible residents.

Get Out The Vote

Get Out The Vote

The Alliance will support efforts throughout the District to be sure that our supporters vote in the June primary and November general elections.

Alliance Officers

Cindy Ellsmore


Cindy Ellsmore

Cindy retired as the Sierra County Treasurer-Tax Collector, is the former chair of the Sierra County Democratic Party and Executive Board Member of the California Democratic Party.

Vice Chair

Dolly Verrue


Dolly Verrue, Secretary

Dolly is a registered nurse and an IT professional.  She is the former chair of Democratic Central Committee of Siskiyou County.

Chief Finance Officer

Why We Work With The Alliance

“After 37 years as a Registered Nurse, it is constantly disturbing to me to be represented in Congress by someone who is not only opposed to extending health coverage to more Americans, but determined to take it away from many who already have it.  We live in a district where thousands of good, hardworking people cannot get health coverage on their own and we owe it to our community to do better for those people, not just for an elite few.  I want to elect someone who will work for real solutions, not simplistic soundbites. ”

David Welch, Butte County
“It’s important for everyone to have a voice in our democracy and we’ve lost it.  We’re being governed by individuals in DC who do not hear us, the people and it is so frustrating!  And, our congressman is definitely one of those ignoring our concerns. What can we do?  We can work together to make changes in our representatives – locally, statewide, and nationally.  In rural northern California, this means working across a huge geographic area. The CD1 Alliance effectively brings us together to make the critical change we need – a new voice in DC. It’s a great group!”
Congressional District 1 Voter