Doug LaMalfa claims to be “one of us”, but that’s not true. In the 2018 election cycle, nearly three quarters of LaMalfa’s campaign money came from donors outside the district. He received hundreds of thousands of dollars from corporate political action committees and the Republican leadership. In exchange for these huge special interest donations, LaMalfa votes the national party line, against our interests as North State residents. LaMalfa is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the GOP establishment and its destructive agenda.

Unfortunately, defeating even a do-nothing incumbent Congressman takes a great deal of money. The Alliance has lots of volunteers, but it needs money to provide volunteers with the materials to register and to communicate with voters to take back CD1 from the GOP. We won’t get money from the Koch brothers, Monsanto, and the oil and gas and coal companies like LaMalfa does. The money to defeat Doug LaMalfa must come from North State residents like us.
Please make a contribution today. Your contribution is an investment in representation that will advocate for the North State, not sell it out.