Free lunch is back in the spotlight again… I have something to say about this issue that is dear to my heart. Some know my past many do not. I was raised on welfare, I was a gutter kid. My parents were addicts, I didn’t have nice clothes, my parents would often trade our food stamps for drugs. For those of you who paid taxes from the 90s to early 2000’s… thank you from the bottom of my heart. I got free lunch at school. Sometimes there wasn’t much at home and the lunch at school was the best meal I would get.


Today I work, I pay 800 a month in taxes and it fills my heart with joy knowing that my tax dollars are feeding kids that were just like me. Shame on my Congressman Doug LaMalfa for voting to cut this program in order to give more subsidies to his own farming business! You want to make cuts? Stop bombing brown people, stop giving aid to countries like Israel that actually have free healthcare, stop using my tax dollars to subsidize wealthy employers that pay their people starvation wages! Feeding poor kids shouldn’t be on the damn chopping block!


Shawn Vanderjack
Weed, CA   9/21/18