LaMalfa is bought and paid for by people and interests outside CD1.  

In connection with the primary election in June 2016 and the general election in November 2016, LaMalfa raised over $788,000 in campaign contributions.  LESS THAN ONE SIXTH OF THOSE FUNDS CAME FROM PEOPLE OR BUSINESSES WITHIN CD1.  85% of LaMalfa’s contributions came from outside CD1.

LaMalfa’s biggest block of contributions ($391,000) came from political action committees outside the District that represent either corporate or politically conservative interests.  The former include Monsanto, the American Bankers Association, Koch Industries, the American Petroleum Institute and Tesoro Petroleum.  The latter include the political action committees of Paul Ryan (Republican Speaker of the House), Kevin McCarthy (Republican Majority Leader), Steve Scalise (Republican Majority Whip) and Patrick McHenry (Republican Deputy Majority Whip).

More than $182,000 of LaMalfa’s campaign contributions came from people and businesses located outside CD1.  Many of those donors were other agribusinessmen who stood to gain from LaMalfa’s votes to weaken environmental protections.

LaMalfa also collected $83,000 from native tribes outside CD1, some from as far away as Connecticut.  Seems odd, doesn’t it?  Not when you consider that LaMalfa is the Chair of the Indian, Insular and Alaska Native Affairs Subcommitee of the House Committee on Natural Resources.

Money talks; LaMalfa listens.  Let’s elect someone who works for us, not for interests outside Northern California.

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