LaMalfa has done nothing to help, and has actually voted in ways that harm, lower income children and families.

Poverty is a significant issue in CD1 – the district median income for a family of four is $55,000, well below the state average. 33% of households in CD1 earn less than $35,000. 15% of the people in CD1, including 16% of the children in CD1, live below the poverty level. That’s right –nearly one in six children in CD1 lives in poverty.

Many lower income families in CD1 depend on Medi-Cal to cover their health care costs. Medi-Cal is part of the federal program known as Medicaid. To permit passage of the GOP Tax Scam with only 51 votes in the Senate, Congressman LaMalfa voted in favor of a budget that cuts Medicaid spending by $1 trillion (yes, trillion) over 10 years. This averages out to a cut of over $200 million per year for each Congressional District. LaMalfa has thus voted to reduce health care spending in CD1 by thousands of dollars a year for each poor resident of the District.

After his family received nearly $5.3 million in federal rice subsidies, LaMalfa voted for a version of the 2014 Farm Bill that would have thrown 2 million poor people nationwide out of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Plan (“SNAP”) – the “food stamp” program. When criticized for his hypocrisy, LaMalfa cited the Bible for the idea that poor people should not look to the federal government for food support, but should rather depend upon the individual charity of others.

As a member of the California Legislature, LaMalfa repeatedly voted against the interests of agricultural workers, many of whom are among the poorest residents of the District. LaMalfa voted:

  • Against paying overtime wages to agricultural workers
  • Against paying drought-related unemployment benefits
  • Against a bill to simply farmworker collective bargaining

LaMalfa sees virtually no role for government in establishing a safety net for the least fortunate among us, and does not view advocating for the poor residents of CD1 as part of his job.

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