LaMalfa has broken his promise to protect Medicare and Medicaid (known in California as MediCal).

For the Senate to pass the tax bill with only 51 votes, Republicans first passed a budget cutting future Medicare and Medicaid spending by almost $1.5 TRILLION over ten years, or more than $340 million per year for each Congressional district.  That is more than $1,000 per year per Medicare or Medicaid recipient.  These cuts come at a time when the baby boomer generation is retiring, so we will need more Medicare spending, not less.   Despite this clear need, LaMalfa voted in favor of these cuts.

Our Congressional district is poorer than the state average, so we depend more on Medicaid.

Our district is also older than average, so we depend more on Medicare.

Because our Congressional district is older and poorer than average, about 50% of people in CD1 depend on some form of public health insurance.   The spending cuts that LaMalfa voted for will mean less access to healthcare about half of the people in our district.  Spending cuts will also mean less revenue for doctors and hospitals.  Less revenue means fewer jobs in the healthcare field, currently the largest single employment sector in our district.   These cuts are bad for both people who need healthcare and for people who provide healthcare.

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